In April, Queens resident Matt Tratner had a friend totally trash his apartment, to the max, and Matt found himself momentarily famous. His friends raised money to replace his stuff. Now, Matt's going on an expensive Greek vacation. Hmmm...

A tipster points us to Matt's Facebook page, where he's telling everyone about his upcoming trip to the Greek Isle of Mykonos! "This is a villa that comes with a house staff and is all inclusive," he notes. The packages that Matt links to range from $2,750- $4,200 per week.

When Matt's story originally came out, there was a flood of comments accusing him of lying in one way or another. Nothing ever contradicted the original reporting on his story, though, as far as we know—and that reporting concluded that his story was true. All we know: Big fundraiser by Matt's friends to replace his trashed stuff, then a month or two passes, then, Mykonos!

[Also this calls Mykonos "the ultimate gay destination," but every straight couple we know who's been married in the past two years has gone to Mykonos. What's the deal with Mykonos?]