Oh good, the people looking to get David Letterman fired because they don't like his monologue (admittedly it is usually pretty hacky but that is part of the charm!) just cost him one (1) internet advertiser.

David Letterman made a joke about Bristol Palin being impregnated by Alex Rodriguez, because that is basically your standard "man famous for sleeping with famous people sleeps with lady famous for sleeping with people" monologue joke format, and both of those people are famous for sleeping with people (Madonna and Levi Johnston, not respectively).

Because she is the world's worst human being, Sarah Palin seized on the opportunity to creepily, just really creepily, accuse Letterman of making a "rape" joke about "raping" her other daughter, Labyrinth Willow. Palin said rape many, many times! And she repeatedly called Mr. Letterman a "pervert," in order to suggest, to anyone listening, that the old pervert wanted to rape her 14-year-old daughter. This is actually pathological. Why does she continue to insist, on the TV, that everyone wants to rape her daughter, when no one has ever suggested this thing? Being her child sounds basically like the worst thing in the world, besides maybe being her running mate.

Now obviously Governor Palin (she is a governor!) is not doing this on her own! She is not just on her bear couch, by herself, complaining about the creepy man to Todd, or whatever! She is being aided, of course, by the mass media, who interview her, a lot, because she is a celebrity who attracts attention and coverage (like this blog post).

And also she is being aided by the various culture warriors of the internet, who have started a petition, or something. 100 years ago, they got a man they didn't like fired from CBS, and they are pretty sure they can do it again, if they complain a lot. (Why oh why won't they turn their attention to Leno?)

They have totally won an important victory! Embassy Suites is pulling advertising from CBS's website. And, hey, one of the Teabagging party guys is involved in this. The one who Twitters a lot and doesn't pay his taxes.

Anyway this loss of website sponsorship will probably cripple CBS and they will replace Letterman with famous comedian Glenn Beck tomorrow. Another win for the terrible liberal "PC Police."