Joan Walsh's dismantling of Bill O'Reilly must be eating at him, because tonight he dedicated almost his entire show to defending himself, even attacking an anti-abortion journalist who recently defended him in her column for not defending him strongly enough.

After spending the first five minutes of his show on the revolution in Iran, O'Reilly set out to attack Joan Walsh and others on the "far left" who've dared to take issue with the inflammatory rhetoric he's used in the past when reporting on George Tiller. O'Reilly, pissed that Frank Rich and Paul Krugman have written recent pieces critical of him, even went so far as to call the New York Times a bunch of hypocrites over their condemning of his hate speech, because their reporting on the Bush administration's deceptions in regards to the Iraq War was hate speech that only served to incite the people who hate us overseas you see, thus leaving us vulnerable to attacks from Muslim extremists.

Yeah, go ahead and try to connect those logical dots.

One of O'Reilly's guests tonight was an anti-abortion journalist for the Kansas City Star named Mary Sanchez. In the wake of George Tiller's murder, Sanchez published a column about the incident in which she actually defended O'Reilly. She wrote:

Not long after news of the murder hit the Internet, liberal bloggers had assembled a video montage of Bill O'Reilly repeating "Tiller the Killer" on various broadcasts, along with other choice bits of blood-curdling vituperation. The point was to demonstrate that O'Reilly, by endlessly calling Tiller a killer, was culpable for inspiring Roeder's act of murder. I hate to be in the position of defending O'Reilly, but what he is guilty of is the lesser charge of propagating ignorance on an important issue.

In the segment below, O'Reilly starts out by noting that Sanchez is guilty of the crime of writing for a "liberal paper" that has dared to voice criticism of him in the past. Strike one. Then she had the audacity to express disdain for O'Reilly's fondness for "verbal confrontations," which provokes O'Reilly to dare her to cite just one example of his doing such a thing. Strike two. Sanchez then goes even further and states that there's no room for people to be "screaming about killing" in the national debate on abortion, an assertion O'Reilly calls "disingenuous" before adding, "that's not what this is about." Strike three.

He then ends the interview by calling Mary Sanchez "madam," that thing he always does when he has a female guest on the show that he loathes, which just so happens to also be the code word for all of his crazies to send her hate-filled emails and threaten to blow up the newspaper's offices.

Poor Mary Sanchez. That'll learn you for trying to defend Bill O'Reilly.

And here's O'Reilly lashing out at Joan Walsh and the New York Times in his "Talking Points" segment if you can even stomach it.

Video via Media Matters