If the Iran protests put Twitter at the top of America's diplomatic agenda, just imagine what they could do for your company! Play your cards right, you might be able to exploit the situation as well as, say, Fring.

The internet calling startup has enjoyed back-to-back coverage on Sky TV News and on Al Jazeera English, and that's probably not luck: The company's flacks distributed a press release about heavier Fring usage in Iran; they've also been working the press on Twitter.

The Fring story is an especially easy sell because the company is based in Israel, so Iranians are using software and services from a country their government officially wants to destroy. Reporters love that sort of conflict and irony.

Of course, there's always the chance the strategy will backfire if viewers decide you're harnessing bloodshed for marketing purposes. Which is why you might want to confine your flackery to spoken conversations, rather than committing it to easily-repubilshed words. Using a technology like, say, Fring.

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