E! recently conducted an online reader poll and a resounding 94% of voters wanted to get over-exposed reality blobs banned from coverage. And the network is going to oblige for Heidi and Spencer, and nobody else.

An exec at the network told the New York Daily News:

If her album went to No. 1, that would be a newsworthy thing. If they were to become parents, we'd see that as worth noting. If something did happen to them, physically, we'd probably cover that. But ultimately, we were looking at it more like avoiding stories about them walking down Robertson or going to dinner. It will affect the various news shows on E! and it will affect online. ... It was just a question of overexposure and wondering how much of the news about them was truly news or contrived. It just started to feel as if they had maybe jumped a shark in the past couple of weeks and it might be time to just take a rest. It wasn't really one particular instance, it just seemed like they'd reached a point where they crossed a line in the interest level of our audience. [Emphasis ours.]

We rarely ever say this (except to you, Joel McHale, our delicious chestnut love), but good work E! (This is how it's done, Iran.)

Although! It does make us wonder... If E! followed this new revolutionary philosophy to the letter, wouldn't that kind of lead to the shuttering of the entire operation? Other than having her on their own damn network, what reason would they have to keep Kim Kardashian in the rotation? And what about that hideous stable of Dancing with the Stars washups? We're all for E! taking a principled stand and all, but one minor concession is still... one minor concession.

Though, no one ever said progress was quick.