Bernie Madoff will rot in jail, but Ruth Madoff—his constant companion—didn't do anything criminal and won't be charged, the Feds say. Though she does still face social ostracism in Palm Beach. So.

That decision comes after an intensive, six-month probe in which investigators scoured financial records and interviewed scores of people.
In the end, the feds found "no criminal exposure" for Ruth, a source said.

The Post says that the government plans to charge up to 10 more people in the Madoff case, and that Bernie's sons have not been ruled out as criminals. But Ruth—dear, beleaguered Ruth—is off the hook. This gives her a chance to collect her $2.5 million settlement and then put our redemption plan into action. In 15 or 20 years, people won't even remember your face, Ruth! Just tough it out.

It could be much worse: Ezra Merkin, the financier who made millions steering investors into Madoff's funds, has been forced to sell his collection of Mark Rothko's to help pay back those same investors. Instead of staring at three parallel lines of varying colors, he will be distributing hundreds of millions of dollars to his ruined clients.

These people suffer as well. On the inside.
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