Michael Jackson was supposed to perform a series of concerts at 02 arena; speculation has been that the preparation may or may not have been what killed him. Madonna performed there last night, and threw down for Jackson in tribute.

Madge's semi-impromptu throwdown involved bringing a Jackson "impersonator" (probably one of her dancers) on stage to do a few key Jackson dance moves. "Let's give it up to one of the greatest artists the world has ever known: Michael Jackson. Long live the king," she noted. It's strange, if only because of Madonna's Warriors-esque crew standing with her in freeze-pose while the dancer kicks it to a medley involving "Billy Jean" and the key "Mama Se" bridge in "Wanna Be Startin' Something" that can make even the most spatially braindead person want to engage in some kind of tribal pop-infused raindance at the whim of Jackson's song. It's true.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that British Airways is selling out flights at an astounding pace for Brits who're coming to L.A. for the Jackson memorial at the Staples Center, direct and indirect. Thoughts and fair warning to British travelers: if you get stuck in Denver on the way to L.A., don't say we didn't warn you. Unless your idea of a good time is a Rockies game, we suggest you properly assess the risk involved, here.