What's the Kraziest TomKat in Hollywood up to these days? According to an Australian news report, making local film crews sign Don't Ask Us About Scientology agreements on the set of Holmes' new movie, for one thing.

Per the Australian Herald-Sun:

One film source from the set said that each crew member had signed agreements saying they would not ask the superstar about her religion, Scientology. The couple, who have braved chilly weather to explore the city and have happily chatted to locals, are notoriously private when it comes to questions or discussions about their religion.

So, the same old tricks, it would appear, though it's of note that this is different from the "Don't Ask About The Dimensional Space Hierarchy" agreement, the "Don't Ask About Arthur Miller" agreement, and the "Don't Ask About The Series Finale Of Dawson's Creek Agreement (Breach Punishable By Kevin Williamson-imposed Scream-like Death)." Still: Australians everywhere remain tight-lipped and terrified, especially since her husband is totally capable of doing shit like this to their homeland: