Ah Bill O'Reilly. God bless him. Tonight he opened his show stating that Michael Jackson's family should be left alone and allowed to grieve. Naturally, he then turned right around and ripped Jackson to shreds for everything imaginable.

Classic Bill O'Reilly. This segment, loaded with blatant hypocrisy and thinly veiled race-baiting, should be placed in a time capsule to be preserved for future generations to get exactly what this jackass is all about.

He starts by issuing the crap "I do not want to intrude" on the Jackson family's grieving disclaimer, then turns around seconds later and pisses all over him for spending loads of money on himself while simultaneously raising money for charity, bleaching his skin and choosing white men to be the sperm donors for his children. Of course, he also blasted the media for covering today's memorial service so they could score big ratings, never mind the fact Fox News covered the same event just as extensively or that he was dedicating a large portion of his show to raising hay about it all.

O'Reilly then has Marc Lamont Hill on to talk about the whole thing, a discussion that quickly devolved into a typical O'Reilly shoutfest, culminating with this: "If he's such a black American icon, why did he have his kids with white men!?"

I feel like I need a shower after watching this.

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