A hedge fund is the worst possible place to get embroiled in a workplace sexual harassment suit. Hedge funders are ruthless and insane. A harassment suit at one hedge fund is now also an extortion case. With nude pixxx!

Russell Abrams runs Titan Capital, a $200 million hedge fund (though it was $375 million two years ago, natch). Two of his employees—Danielle Pecile (pic below via her now-deleted Facebook account), 26, and Cristina Culicea (pic below via her Facebook), 27, have filed a sexual harassment suit against Abrams and his brother Marc, a Titan VP.

But not just your run-of-the-mill harassment! One of their complaints is that Russell Abrams gave Pecile a CD of photos of him and his wife on their honeymoon, and had her drop it off to get developed, and pick it up. Many of the photos of the wife showed her topless or even nude! Not what you would particularly like to do for your boss, in most cases. Pecile says Abrams smirked and said "You liked them, didn't you?" Now he wishes he had not done so:

[The women's lawyer] told Russell Abrams that one of the ways Pecile was harassed was in having to see the topless pictures, and that they had copies of them.

He said they would be returned if the entire case were settled, and that it would take $2.5 million to do so, the Abrams said. The photos were subsequently included as evidence in the EEOC complaint, the suit says.

Haha. You want to make me take your creepy ass nekkid photos to the developer? I will keep copies, then! And demand $2.5 million to give them back to you! Take note—you may be able to use this tactic in your own workplace, should the opportunity arise.

Now Russell Abrams' wife Sandra, who is pregnant, has filed a $1 million countersuit against the women so it's all very messy, but the lesson is, develop nude photos yourself.