This is fun: Spy founder Kurt Andersen boastfully threw a picture up on his Facebook page of him sitting twenty feet away from a certain president's wife, speaking to a room full of people. Andersen was positively schoolyard-crush giddy.

As you can see from above, there's quite a bit of distance between the Studio 360 host, his wife, editor and author Anne Kreamer, and Michelle Obama, who was speaking at the National Design Awards. Andersen's context, via Facebook:

It was the National Design Awards; I did not remove my jacket, but I was the only person in seeruscker; more mesmerized than bored, especially when, moments before this picture, the First Lady slowly brushed her hand across my shoulder as she made her way to the podium. (Also: I stole a paper towel with White House insignia from the bathroom.)

We'd more expect the OHMIGOD YOU GUYZ! MICHELLE OBAMA TOUCHED MY SEERSUCKERED SHOULDER LOOK ON FACEBOOK EEEEEEEE!!! reaction from, say, teenagers, or starstruck bloggers, but the typically cool-headed Andersen?

It's probably worth noting that the Full Contact Michelle's had this affect on other crusty old white people, though I doubt the Queen tried to rifle through Michelle's purse for a few tissues - she's not as nimble as the quick-witted Andersen, who probably used to be impervious to calling this kind of attention to himself before. Then again, he wasn't always this nice to First Ladies, as evidenced by this old Spy cover from back in the day.

Full context, though?

His kids are impressed. Okay: cute.