Michelle Malkin is a psychotic blogger well outside the political mainstream, and so she got to promote her book with a friendly chat with Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show this morning.

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And, you know, here's Malkin posting NBC's logo photoshopped with a hammer and sickle and here's Malkin printing Chris Matthews' phone number in order to encourage her deranged readers to harass him for the crime of not interviewing her (on a previous book tour) politely enough, here she is calling NBC a bunch of gay muslims or something, here she is accusing NBC of news-staging, etc. etc. etc. But hey, if they'll move some books she'll sit down on the Today show!

No, seriously, on the one hand, it is certainly commendable that NBC would allow a virulent critic of GE and their own news division to appear on their network. But on the other hand, they should legitimize critics with actual valid criticisms, and maybe not crazy morons known primarily for lifting pieces of discredited scholarship in the service of racist arguments.

As for what she said on Today, it is too stupid and full of lies to deserve a response. But here we go anyway: she says the president took a "local parochial law enforcement story" and tried to use it to "try to ensure some sort of moment of his racial authenticity," by which she means he was directly asked what he thought about the arrest of a personal friend of his and he said it was "stupid," because it was stupid. Also he is racist against white people.

Even Matt Lauer—even Matt Lauer—cannot quite believe her vileness.

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