You thought you'd go your whole day without some belligerent Mel Gibson news? Never! At a nightclub, with his pregnant girlfriend last night, Gibson got into a kerfuffle with a "pushy report". Then a T-shirt got ripped.

It's hard to be a member of the fourth estate when Mel Gibson is involved. A reporter from Life & Style magazine spotted Gibson his and soon-to-be-birther-friend at the Playhouse in Hollywood. The reporter tried to snap a picture. When Gibson's "security team" intervened the reporter sent in her buddy to pose as a camera wielding fan. No dice! The buddy tried several times to get a picture then Gibson allegedly ripped at the guy's T-shirt

The man with the perforated shirt filed battery charges against Gibson this morning. But TMZ reports that the cops think the victim's story is bullshit, "Gibson was wedged in a booth with his pregnant girlfriend and couldn't have grabbed the guy's shirt."

Not to get all judgey on behaviors of others here, but what was a recovering alcoholic like Gibson doing in a night club with a preggers girlfriend? Doesn't he know that's where trouble lurks? Hollywood nightclubs are filled with offensive, unsightly T-shirts that demand tearing. Didn't Gibson know that he would be tempted to strike? I mean, given the proliferation of bedazzled Ed Hardy tees, wouldn't any of us?

Think about it, you guys.