On Fox's Romper Room and Friends this morning, Glenn Beck said we should all probably save the nation with the power of prayer.

People ask Glenn Beck, all the time, "what can we do? What can we do? What can we do? What can we do?" He recommends falling to our knees, to God.

Beck spends 90% of his time trying to convince people that an illegitimate and dangerous leader is actually actively destroying the nation. If you are a crazy person, that might alarm or upset you! You might think you should do something about it, even! Beck does not actually necessarily want people to act as though the terrifying things he says are true, though. He would like them to channel the fear and rage that he creates into something non-destructive. Like, who knows, praying that things will get better. Just please don't shoot anyone, guys!

Anoka, Minnesota's own Gretchen Carlson, on praying for guidance: "that's not a popular thing in this world of 'PC' where everything's 'correct.'" What is Rose Nylund's unlikable beauty contestant little sister even talking about. Has she ever been to America? You can't inaugurate a president, fight a war, write album liner notes, or kick of fucking field goal without someone praying for guidance!

Haunted marionette Steve Doocy mentions that lots of people at his church have been praying, lately, but Beck knows that is selfish praying, for themselves, and not the kind of praying that we need, which is to save the whole country, from the racist tyrant president.

(And then Beck says something slightly inaudible about Obama being "a black nationalist" because someone mentioned raising taxes maybe.)