Today in hypocritical moralistic scolding: A troubled celeb couple that's getting back together, a "wacky" celeb whose parties feature alcohol(!) and noodz, a secret drinker musician named S****n S*****s, and a pop star joins the Mile High Club.

1. "Most of the relationship gossip lately has been about breakups. Here's one about a couple that's about to reconcile. They've certainly had their troubles in the past. To say he treated her badly would be an understatement. However, both of their careers have been dampened by their being apart, and they believe that both their stocks will rise if they reconcile. Expect there to be a lot of hoopla around their reunion in the next few days. Personally, we think they are both SO stupid and hope they don't get into an exclusive relationship again." [Blind Gossip]

2. "Which wacky celeb is certainly no angel when it comes to her hobbies? This hostess holds drawing parties for her gal pals - complete with a nude model and lots of alcohol." [NYDN]

3. "What Pitchfork-magazine indie-music darling swears he doesn't drink, but was seen in Brooklyn Friday night downing martini after martini? Of course, he's also said he's following up his 2005 hit album with 48 albums more along the same theme and that hasn't exactly come to pass either." [CDaN]

4. "Which pop star joined the mile high club when she got down and dirty with a fellow muso? The shameless babe didn't even stop when the flight attendants came down the aisle..." [Mirror UK]