In your thrombosis-like Thursday media column: Paul Krugman buys a home, NYT photogs are harassed by crazies, Garrett Graff gets a new job, and men's mag editors speak on abs, and gayness.

Knower of economics Paul "Beard-o" Krugman has purchased a nice new $1.7 million three-bedroom apartment on Riverside Drive. Reports the New York Observer! Before the economic crash this money would have bought him only a storage unit, which is why Paul Krugman has lived in a storage unit in East Harlem for the past seven years.

Photographers from the New York Times went to some of those nut-o "town hall" meetings to take photographs of the crazies of America, and when the crazies found out that these camera-wielders were from the New York Times, they pushed them and whatnot! The camerapersons did not shoot them all in the kneecaps, which would have been one way of dealing with the situation.

Young Garrett Graff, who started at Fishbowl DC at the age of like 15 (ROUGH ESTIMATE) and then got a job at Washingtonian, is now the new editor of Washingtonian. He is an up and coming whippersnapper if we have ever seen one. Don't end up a cabinet member recommending foreign wars based on vague Georgetown cocktail party gossip ten years from now, Garrett. That's how they get you.

The New York Times' fake trend story on hipster potbellies has the added bonus of getting quotes from three of America's gayest men's magazine editors, which you can interpret however you want. Dave Zinczenko of Men's Health is pro-abs; Dan Peres of Details says "If we had a slob in the White House, all the hipsters would turn into some walking Chippendales calendar," which is pretty risible; and Aaron Hicklin of Out says six-pack ab obsession is prissy. Hear that, Dave Z? This proves everyone is gay.