We got a tip that the people behind Real Housewives of Atlanta, are casting a gay version of the franchise—in New York!. And watch your back, Housewives, the straight boys are coming for you too.

Leave it to the gays to take a tired concept, put a belt on it, give it a new pair of shoes, and call it fiiiiiiierce. If this is for Bravo one wonders why Andy Cohen can't just stock it with his high-powered Gay-list frenemies, but Alex Geana got ahold of an email sent out by Beth Bigler from True Entertainment (the production company that found NeNe and her gang of fools):

I'm looking for the hottest young, fabulous gay men NYC has to offer for an upcoming docu-series. These boys need to be living the good life, keeping up with all the hottest shopping, restaurants, and clubs, and preferably have lots of drama keeping them busy at all hours of the day…and night. I'd love for them to be in a relationship, and we're looking for diversity in those relationships – especially younger/older dynamics.

Do any of your friends fit this bill? We all know SOMEONE who needs to have their own TV show, right?

Oh god, Chelsea is going to be bloodbath! And that's just the casting process. Beth said that she just sent the query out to some of her queers, hoping to find some characters, but that there is nothing firm yet and there is "no network attached or anything."

What is really going to happen is a Fox Reality show Househusbands of Hollywood (it starts on August 15, but you can already watch the first episode on Hulu). The funny thing is they are all really stay-at-home dads unlike the women on Bravo's franchise which all either have jobs or are hawking some sort of product. Well, one doesn't have a kid, but he doesn't have a job either, so, same thing. Let's meet them:

  • Danny Barclay is a wanna be actor whose wife is a fancy lawyer.
  • Darryl M. Bell used to be on A Different World (he was Dwayne Wayne's friend) and now he's married to Cosby kid Tempestt Bledsoe.
  • Grant Reynolds' wife Jillian is the host of Good Day L.A. and American Idol Extra.
  • Billy Ashley used to play for the Dodgers. Now he helps his wife with her skin care line. Sure he never gets any shit for that.
  • Charlie Mattera used to be a bank robber, now he raises a son named Ryan, who is named after Charlie's best friend Ryan O'Neal, who gives Charlie parenting advice. We're sure that's going to turn out really well.

Because they're manly men, they hang out in the garage and drink beer, and don't go shopping and for facials and pull off each other's wigs in the Target parking lot. God, straight men are boring.