The Way We Live Now: Honoring the honorable Chairman Mao Zedong, with economic might! Capitalism, Communism, what does it really matter, as long as it glorifies China? They're not the ones renting textbooks and dreaming of Lotto tickets. That's us.

As China's seemingly unstoppable engine of economic expansion grinds on, its purportedly Communist social values are being steadily eroded by the demands of the capitalist global marketplace.

Old news? Yes.

No wonder we're still talking about it, though. We're all interconnected on this crazy little rock, spinning through empty space. China, for example, buys our debt to finance our reckless consumption, quietly plotting our economic demise all the way. We, in turn, use this easy foreign money to buy scratch-off lottery tickets. And, if we are one 19 year-old student in Brooklyn, we win one million dollars! Now tell us all about how lottery tickets are not a "wise investment," eggheads!

"He'll be able to afford his own apartment now," says the Post, with hope in its voice. Yea his own apartment in China maybe. He should set his goals a bit lower. How about this: He'll be able to actually purchase his own college textbooks instead of renting them, which is what kids are doing now, because they can't actually purchase them. Oh man. And where do you think these young American students are renting these educational books from at 50% of the full cost?

From China. I shit you not.

That's not actually true but still China is taking over all the money.
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