And it's not for wearing fur. No, a tipster says she saw the socialite and star of The City beating her pooch this morning.

Our tipster spotted her this morning with her pooch (apparently named Mr. Butler on 36th between Park and Lexington.

I was walking to work at 9:30ish this morning. She was dressed and all done up with hair and makeup—although I am sure it's how she always goes out—with a small white dog. It was milling around and being a dog and she walked past two people in front of me and her dog roamed in their direction and she started screaming and hitting her dog. The dog had barely moved in their direction and definitely was not bothering them.

I am seriously not a dog lover (as in I hate them and think they are unnecessary) and I was like UMMMMM....

Are MTV producers going to make her reenact the altercation for the camera?

Pic, taken in April, via Splash