For years gay hookup site has been dogged by many things: crystal meth, trolls lying about their pictures, and people mistakenly visiting a Southern gospel group's website at Well, they finally got rid of one of them.

Friend of Gawker Rod Townsendtells us that when errant gays mistakenly entered they used to show up at the gospel site (old screenshot seen here). Online Buddies Inc.—the company that owns Manhunt and discreetly leaves the word fuck out of its name—tried and failed to buy the dot-com extension and as of July, the original owners finally relented. Either they finally learned that gays aren't that bad (thanks to Ellen and Will & Grace reruns), or they just needed some cash. Probably the latter.

How much did they sell for, we don't know. But maybe Manhunt offered them a huge chunk of change so that they could have the dot-com runoff just in time for their disastrous relaunch. Well, we all have our price. Ours is $12.95 a month, or $30 for three months.