Yale art major Aliza Shvarts induced many throwups amongst people who read about her induced-abortion art project last year. But she also induced, uh, Yale not letting somebody have a blood drive, for art? Something something, "meaning." Yale!

Kate Levant is in art school at Yale and she came up with this "art" project and Yale shut it down for being, hmmm, too edgy, and we don't want a rerun of this whole abortion blood fiasco and things! Stare into the abyss, of art! Kate told New York mag about her taboo idea that was too hot, for Yale:

I wanted to do a project where the Red Cross would come into the gallery space and conduct a blood drive. There's something really amazing about the regenerative aspect of donating, and I'm interested in how such a personal thing for a donor has an immediate anonymity.

In a non-Ivy League art gallery setting this is known as a "blood drive." BANNED.
[Pic that Yale does not want you to see, via]