Months after Barack Obama's election, America is still as deeply embroiled in the Snuggie Wars as ever. As Snuggies and Slankets fend off guerilla attacks from Sealpelts and Lippi Selk bags, the Wearable Towel is making its dumb, ruthless move.

The Washington Post speaks to the visionary inventor of the togafied Wearable Towel (which we introduced to you way back in May—theft??), who is under the impression that he can somehow defeat the Snuggie-Slanket superpowers. Which, let's be honest, can only lead to the sartorial equivalent of the Falkland Islands invasion, if he keeps running his big mouth. But you will be happy to know that at least he has attractive family members:

"My brother Ari — " also a star of Bravo's reality series "Miami Social." Heard of him? No? " — he does the Wearable Towel fashion shows," Stein says. "My sister, she was just in a Budweiser commercial," and that's her in the Wearable Towel commercial, gently drying her baby by dabbing it against the Wearable Towel she is draped in.

Pornography of his own sister and her child, in pursuit of Snuggie War victory. Where does it end, Mr. President?