Socialgay Kristian Laliberte's weekend was below average. On Saturday, he was hanging out at Georgica being fabulous when someone "assaulted" him by calling him a "Jew" and a "fag." Worse, the "douche" wasn't kicked out because he's a big spender!

Laliberte first reported the incident on his Twitter over the weekend:

Laiberte, last seen fully engaged in the most retarded social feud in the history of retarded social feuds, spoke to Guest of a Guest about the incident, but refused to elaborate on the details of what exactly happened, so we are only left to assume that Laliberte said something insulting about the guy's socks or something. However, he didn't hold back on painting himself as the gay Rosa Parks for having the courage to speak out against gay slur words.

A lot of my straight friends don't get why its such a big deal. However if the LGTB community wants to achieve more tolerance and equality, they need to realize that this term is nothing short of saying that homosexuals are second class citizens, that something is wrong with us.

When straights and gays realize the import of the world and all that it implies, its to recall a time when the n word was perfectly acceptable, a time when a certain group was inferior to the general population. We all know where that can lead.

Don't people realize that gays are being hung in Iran or bombed in Israel. People should stamp out hatred whenever they see it, and I was disappointed and ashamed that this certainly wasn't the case with the staff at the night club.

Sadly, Laliberte's words aren't exactly hollow, but it's hard to take them, or anything else that comes from Kristian Laliberte, seriously when they come from Kristian Laliberte.