When it comes to plot details, producers of Mad Men are as tight lipped as an Olsen twin at an all-you-can-eat buffet. So, what happens in episode two three? One phrase: "I'm Peggy Olson and I want to smoke marijuana."

Last night, due to a glitch with iTunes, the second third episode of the show was briefly available for download for everyone who signed up for a season pass. One of our loyal readers snagged it and passed this along. Peggy actually utters that line. Awesome.

Our tipster sent over a brief (if not vague) recap: "The episode features some modernist poetry, fabulous lindy hop, Roger in blackface, a new substance of choice in the offices of Sterling Cooper, and Joan rocking out in French while on the accordion. There is also a strange subplot between Sally and her grandpa."

We get so excited when two of our favorite things come together. We're getting the gravity bong out of storage for this one.

Update: AMC issued a statement:

"The third episode of Mad Men's new season was made available prematurely to some iTunes Season Pass holders for a short time late last night. We urge those who received this episode in error to please refrain from spoiling plot lines out of respect to other ‘Mad Men' fans who are looking forward to watching the story unfold."

Sorry. Too late! Looks like the cat's out of the (dime) bag.