In your desperate Thursday media column: America's toddler journalist has a lesson for Wolf Blitzer, college football wants to muzzle bloggers, newspapers burn, and ESPN magazine is mad cheap!

So, what does 11 year-old Obama interviewer Damon Weaver—whose journalistic role model is Wolf Blitzer, he says—think of our president?

TIME: At the end of the interview you asked Obama to be your homeboy, and he said yes. How does it feel?
Damon: It feels good. It feels the same, though.

He is already more insightful than Wolf Blitzer.

The SEC (college football yall, LOOK IT UP) is trying to somehow keep a monopoly on all of its content by banning any bloggers or other unsavory types from posting real-time updates on games or game video. Good luck with that.

Let's have one of those sunny newspaper news roundups! Newspaper ad revenue hasn't been as low in real dollar terms since 1965. Newspaper stocks have seen a recent bump, but it probably won't last. And newspapers are protesting off-the-record briefings en masse, but it probably won't work.

ESPN Magazine is selling yearlong subscription renewals for one dollar! I'm renewing even though I have to admit that ESPN Magazine is pegged to a readership no smarter than Stephen Smith. One dollar!