Swearing and booze references dotted Joe Scarborough's feud with Richard Dreyfuss' son; a shock soured Tony Hawk's daughter on the internet and a glaring typo accompanied Nina Garcia's present. The Twitterati's silver lining had a touch of gray.

Ben Dreyfuss seems to have inherited certain political values from his father, the actor Richard Dreyfuss, and communicates them in his own spicy way. We approve!

Joe Scabrorough of MSNBC isn't going to address the "twat" thing directly, though you might discover certain conclusions are implied in his response.

Pro skateboarder Tony Hawk's kid got burned by the internet, literally.

The Project Runway deal hasn't quite made Marie Claire a household name yet, according to assistant editor Sarah Wexler.

Hmm, let's see: Microsoft Office... ALL CAPS document... It must be email time for ABC's Jake Tapper! (Remember to select the "Internet" option under File/Print, Jake.)

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