Harvard Medical School tried to tell its own students they couldn't speak to the (scary) media without the school's official permission. Shut up, college—literally! Haha. No we did not go to Harvard, why? Luckily!

The New York Times says the fancy school for healers was forced to rescind this policy that it put in its handbook and everything, after somebody there, from among the throngs of smart people, figured out it was dumb:

The policy says: "All interactions between students and the media should be coordinated with the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of Public Affairs. This applies to situations in which students are contacted by the media as well as instances in which students may be seeking publicity about a student-related project or program."

All because they didn't want their students talking to the NYT about how shitty ethics are these days, among doctors! Although the school's dean tried to blame the policy on "the growing prevalence of Twitter." Seriously.
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