In your momentous Monday media column: Conde Nast mag closure rumors continue to leak, everybody's selling weed these days, the Amish organize their newspapers in an insane manner, and a "joke," about J-school!

Last week, Keith Kelly said that McKinsey was drawing up a plan that specifically spares all of Conde Nast's titles, even the weakest. Today, Michael Musto says, with no sourcing, "the latest rumor is that they've been advised to fold five titles!" Woo, we have competing leakers here! It's like a game of magazine death tennis! Takeaway: Everybody's still waiting to see what happens.

A senior editor at High Times sez: "the magazine industry is down across the board but High Times is up. That says something. I think there are a lot of people out there growing weed on the side to make money. Weed is recession proof." Laid-off journalists gotta eat. And eat.

More Amish media news(!): Whilst the edgier brethren focus on bonnet porn, did you know that the largest Amish paper is maybe the most boring thing ever?

The national edition of The Budget, now available in print only, is largely composed of submissions from hundreds of volunteer "scribes" from across the country. Typically, a scribe talks about the weather and segues into the goings-on in the local community. Around 500 scribe letters a week take up roughly 50 pages

It's like reading 500 blogs a day! Oh Amish! More porn please!

"Eight things that journalism students should demand from their journalism schools." #1 should be: A refund! SO MANY RIMSHOTS.