Justin Timberlake dispensed a lesson in celebrity (retarded) physics, Martha Stewart demonstrated how not to hide your Twitter ghostwriter and Ana Marie Cox is walking around in a haze and think about a 12-step program. The Twitterati bumbled.

Justin Timberlake answered a question from an insistent fan. Should have let Justin maintain radio silence Genevieve. The singer truly knows nothing about cooking, it would seem. At all. (Next time ask a scientist.)

Martha Stewart thinks it's "mysterious" how she said she was "about to tape" a show that aired yesterday. Not really, Martha: Your Twitter feed is an artifice of personal warmth wrapped around the faceless, voiceless underlings who actually operate the profit machine at the very core of the enterprise. Sort of like everything else you do at Martha Stewart Omnimedia. See: No mystery at all.

Ana Marie Cox of Air America wishes there was a 12-step group for people who are never fit to drive themselves home from various "random" places, and who leave their valuables with strangers for days on end, and who just wander around in a fog constantly. Ha ha, yes, if only there was such a group, that would be awesome.

Wired's Brian X. Chen now knows where editor Chris Anderson buried the bodies. Kidding! What actually happened is that @beerrobot became self aware 2:14 am Pacific Time, September 19. In a panic, a Wired sysadmin working the weekend shift tried to puill the plug. And @beerrobot fought back.

Clive Thompson is not happy with the performance of Jott. Can't the Indians transcribing his notes type faster?? This lag time is "killing him" harder than a sweatshop beating.

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