It was inevitable that someone smarter than us would go ahead and open up a journalism school that teaches kids how to write for tabloids. But the Russians? We're ashamed of ourselves.

Julia Ioffe alerts us to this report out of Russia, where the owner of a tabloid chain is opening a Yellow Journalism School. It's just like regular journalism school except it might get you a job one day, zing! This delightfully Google-translated paragraph really says it all:

Secret skills tabloid journalist with the trainees will be divided itself Gabrelyanov. . It is planned to organize special courses on sports and secular journalism. By teaching will involve also other members of "News Media". In addition, Gabrelyanov hopes entertain the idea of teaching and her boyfriend.

Do you really want to get involved with these Russians and be forced to "entertain" someone's boyfriend, if you know what we mean? Why not be an intern for us instead? It doesn't cost you anything, and you will come out as ignorant as you went in, but meaner. Perfectly prepared for a job at the New York Post.