The FBI suspected Anna Nicole Smith of scheming to have E. Pierce Marshall, the son of her oil tycoon husband, killed in order to clear the path to inheriting her husband's fortune, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press.

The FBI file, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, shows that the FBI launched an investigation into a murder-for-hire plot against Marshall's son, who was battling with Smith over his father's money, in 2000. Agents interviewed Smith, who "began crying and denied ever making such plans," according to the records. They also apparently tapped her telephone conversations and searched her home, confiscating a handgun, a knife, and "for reasons that were not explained, a black and orange hat described as ''Dr. Seuss.'"

In the end, they didn't find enough evidence to make a case, the investigation was called off, and Smith got her Dr. Seuss hat back. The younger Marshall died of natural causes in 2006. Or did he?