The Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove reports that Sarah Palin's editor secretly hates her and worked on a book mocking her. Well, doesn't everybody? How's she supposed to find an editor who doesn't think she's an idiot? It's publishing!

Terminatrix: The Sarah Palin Chronicles was a quickie satire of the GOP vice presidential candidate released in October. It was cheekily credited to the "the Editors of the Wasilla Iron Dog Gazette," but Grove's sources say one of the co-authors is Adam Bellow, the son of Saul and a reported editor of Sarah Palin's memoir at HarperCollins.

Terminatrix doesn't sound very funny, but apparently it treats Palin as "every blue-blooded Manhattanite's flyover nightmare":

[One] doctored photo-with the caption "Sarah Palin won the Miss Wasilla Pageant in 1984, while in college"-has her head grafted onto a dog's body, with a blue ribbon hanging from her neck. In yet another, she's wearing a white butcher's coat and standing in front of animal carcasses hanging from hooks in a meat locker. "This is our walk-in fridge at home. It isn't easy killing enough game to feed a family of seven. Half of these critters are protected species!"

We were prepared to write something along the lines of—well, gosh, if Bellow doesn't like Palin, then what possible motive could he have to participate in her book, which is currently ranked No. 3 on Amazon based on pre-orders alone? Could it be that publishing is really all about the money? Then we saw this piece Bellow wrote for New York back in 2005, explaining that he is a Bush-loving neocon who published The Bell Curve and The Real Anita Hill. So no, Adam Bellow doesn't secretly hate Sarah Palin. He loves her! He was just willing to co-author a book mocking her as an idiot last year because that seemed like a pretty good way to make some money, which is what the publishing business is, indeed, all about.