Forget the Grass, the Glenn Becks, the Google, and the Googly-Eyed Peggy Noonans. Looks like we know what we'll be hearing about tomorrow, doesn't it? The Gays.

And about goddamn time. But! There are words, and then, there're things that get done. Ganja-smoking Gay Andrew Sullivan has things to say about this. Lots of people will. Maybe some people won't think it's time at all? Yes. That's bound to happen.

Altarcations, tomorrow, at 2:30. Did you know people are saying ridiculous things about the Nobel Prize? We'll be hearing about them. The return of SNL Digest! To celebrate her Fan-In-Chief, here's last week's Lady Gaga SNL performance. Cheers, to Our Lady of The Immaculate Penis. Join our open thread in the comments, see you tomorrow morning.