In your newspaper advertising supplements yesterday, you may have noticed this intriguing ad for Baby Jingles Heavenly Handfuls Li'l Monkey Hugs Doll by Artist Darlene Austin. You missed it? We'll transcribe the important details for you.

A whole new way to fall in love with babies
This little one knows how to get your attention. If she makes a silly face or jingles the tiny bells on her shoes, maybe you'll tickle her feet...or give her a grape as a treat! Introducing "Jingles," a playful newborn monkey who just wants to be "babied." Are you ready to love her back?

It continues,

Sculpted and dressed to delight you
"Jingles" is realistically sculpted (right down to her adorable monkey feet hidden inside her baby shoes). She's covered with hand-applied mohair. Best of all, she's costumed just like a pampered human baby, in a little knit tee that says "Mommy's Little Monkey," with matching cap, tiny diaper, wee baby shoes, and fancy socks. She gets her name from the golden jingle bells on her shoelaces!

A special note:

This figure is not a toy. Is is a fine collectible to be enjoyed by adult collectors.

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