Barack Obama is going to New Jersey! This means that Jon Corzine might actually pull this sucker off.

Corzine trails Chris "Fatty-Boom-Batty" Christie by only one point according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, thanks in large part to recent revelations of various small-potato Christie scandals and also the fact that Christie is very, very fat. (Also there is an independent candidate who is pulling in the "hate Corzine but can't vote Republican" portion of the electorate.)

So here comes Obama! Even though many people in New Jersey think Obama is actually literally Satan incarnate, he still might help energize Democrats. Not as much as, like, Springsteen would, but maybe enough to beat a fat guy across the finish line.

Obama will be in Hackensack on October 21, and he might even go back to New Jersey some other time before the election if things go well, or if Corzine pulls ahead in the polls.