In what may be a sign of an impending generational civil war, a growing number of 20 and 30-somethings are avoiding Facebook. They're called refuseniks. But, living in the 21st century, many of them can't truly refuse. Traitors!

So, rather than joining themselves, this group often enlists friends and relatives to be their reluctant online couriers:

Anne Kott said she is happily married to the man she met at Bucknell University, where she first joined Facebook. However, she cannot help but feel as though she in his employ.

"I am his Facebook secretary," she complained. "His friends will send me a Facebook message, 'Do you have Tomek's number?' And, 'What's Tomek doing?' He occasionally looks over my shoulder to see what photos are up, but he has never shown interest in starting his own account."

Kott has resorted to starting a "Tomek must join Facebook" page — clearly a sign of aggression as tensions grow on both sides.

But not all users support Kott's brand of crusading. Georgetown junior Kiran Gandhi insists it's offensive to even ask a refusenik: When someone tells you that they don't have Facebook, it's untouchable. It's a sign of disrespect to try to convince them." So now the refuseniks have sympathizers on the other side. This will get ugly.

Image via's flickr.