Former President Bill Clinton has a protected twitter account, blocking access unless you're one of the six people he's deemed Bubba worthy. Does a twitter glitch allow anyone to glimpse at what Bill's tweeting? We investigate.

LA Times technology writer Mark Milian discovered the glitch yesterday evening and went to check out Bill Clinton's protected account to see what he could find.

Simply type in into google (or replace bill's account with any protected twitter account name) and voila! Here's what we found...

Bummer. It cuts off just before the good stuff. Well one clever Gawker commenter named Sasha found a way around that.

Doing a search with "Hillary" appended to it, reveals tweets way too outrageous to be from the actual Bill Clinton:

This result comes when appending "hooker" to the search:

I suspect that the tweets belong to someone who had registered the @billclinton account previously and made those tweets before the real Clinton took control of the account. The old tweets are still in the Google Cache from when the @billclinton imposter held the public account.

Some further digging revealed that many of those results have been moved over to the @notbillclinton account.