According to Page Six, Salman Rushdie's ex-girlfriend says he's "cowardly, dysfunctional, and immature" and won't stop talking about Padma Lakshmi, the one that got away.

Pia Glenn, a ludicrously tall 32-year-old stage actress, started dating Rushdie in September of 2007; Rushdie dumped her via e-mail (well, he is a writer, right?) in June. On Sunday, she told the Daily Mail that he was a coward, and today she tells the Post that he still isn't over Padma:

He would talk about Padma day and night. He felt hurt and betrayed by her. He would talk about her so much I'd ask him to stop.

Glenn tried to keep in touch with Rushdie after he dumped her, but they just ended up fighting all the time. "Its clear that he's not interested in friendship now, which calls into question why he was interested in me in the first place," she told the paper. "If I had thought he only wanted me for sex, I would have gotten out immediately."

Yeah, because who'd have thought that a 62-year-old, four-time married novelist who only dates models who are 25 years younger and a full foot taller than him would want a woman for sex?