The Huffington Post's tech reporter attended a wild Los Angeles party with Arianna and woke up without all his belongings; MySpace made a reporter feel dirty and Choire Sicha got not-quite-solicited advice on his vagina. The Twitterati were bewildered.

Huffington Post tech editor Jose Antonio Vargas was recently hired from the Washington Post and is still getting used to his new, glamorous LA lifestyle. He capped a wild night by apparently losing his BlackBerry to a Twittering thief.

Erica Smith os the St. Louis Post-Dispatch will compromise certain standards in pursuit of a good story.

Actor Rainn Wilson tweets his viral mash-up ideas in real time.

The Wall Street Journal's Alan Murray reported on an altogether different sort of analyst estimate.

A urinary tract infection taught The Awl's Choire Sicha about the glories of America's world-class health care for the uninsured (a/k/a Google and WebMD).

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