Billionaire real estate mogul Steve Roth has been unmasked as the lucky winner in the bidding for Bernie Madoff's Montauk $9.4 million beach house.

There were four bidders for the 1.2 acre, 3,000-square-foot beachside four-bedroom home, which sold last Friday. But the Wall Street Journal reports thatRoth, who heads the Vornado Realty Trust, won out. Maybe he just gets a kick out of the idea of living amid the ghosts of all Madoff's crazy coke parties—according to the New York Daily News' account of a lawsuit filed this week, Madoff's operation was an "animal house with 'a culture of sexual deviance' that often hosted drug-fueled parties featuring topless waitresses who wore little more than G-strings." Madoff referred to cocaine as "North Pole."

And the beach house does have an early-'80s Bolivian-marching-powder vibe to it. Can't you can almost see a skinny half-dressed blond rooting around on the floor behind that toilet, looking for glassine bags?