Google co-founder Sergey Brin is a weird guy. A smart programmer whose ideas lifted humanity, but a weird guy nonetheless. A coder who dislikes coffee. An American who knows virtually nothing about baseball. And then there are his evening jollies.

In response to a question about "what keeps you up at night" at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Brin talked about what "keeps me excited at night." Oh, Sergey, you naughty boy. "Primarily hardware." Heh, do tell! "A processor with eight cores... two terabyte hard drive... micro SD cards."

Sigh. A computer geek at all hours, then. Not knowing about batting averages is one thing, even if Brin did immigrate from Russia at the young age of six. But laying awake at night, thinking about computer chips and Moore's Law? That's hard core nerdery, right there. And if that's what it takes to achieve a multi-billion-dollar personal net worth and the creation of a hugely powerful tech company, we know plenty of people who would give up their normalcy in a heartbeat.

Above, find a compilation of geeky-freaky Brin moments, culled from conference footage and this interview his wife gave, in which she mentions that coffee helps prevent Parkinson's, which Brin is genetically at risk for. It's especially palatable with cream and sugar, Sergey.