That's right, little Camille is finally legal. How did she celebrate? With a birthday bash that any teenage boy would love. Strippers, costumes, necking! Girl knows how to party.

She may have gotten kicked out of school for being on the show, but they certainly weren't kicking her out of the Bogardus Mansion this weekend where she celebrated reaching the age of consent. Guest of a Guest was there for the flapper-themed bash and has plenty of pictures to share, including some of two young-uns getting hot and heavy in a booth.

The party didn't have any booze, because the high schoolers still aren't legal, but that doesn't mean they're too young for burlesque, as this tassel-clad hottie, who stripped for the group, can attest. While there were some bare naked ladies in attendance guess who wasn't there? Any of her castmates from NYC Prep. We're sure somewhere Rags McTattershanty is still crying because she didn't get to see a naked lady.

[Image via Guest of a Guest]