Rev. Al Shapton's made a name off of agitating authority; he's been arrested plenty of times during protests! Guess it runs in the family. His ex-wife and daughter were booked after road raging at a cop last night.

Via the New York Post, Sharpton's ex-wife Kathy Jordan and 23 year-old daughter Dominique—who works for Rev. Sharpton's National Action Network—were driving in Harlem last night when they came up on an NYPD housing bureau cop car, many of which are plainly marked. The car was driving slowly, they tailgated it, honked at it, and finally changed lanes, changed back in front of it, and ran a red light.

Again: they cut off a cop car, and ran a red light in front of it. Nice. Once they were pulled over, the conversation got heated enough to merit them being taken down to the station and booked. So, of course, take a crack at what happens next:

Sources added that Dominique Sharpton dropped her dad's famous name at the stationhouse before being released.

NYPD brass love Rev. Sharpton, seeing as how he's taken them to the woodshed and aired them out in public every time they even remotely fumble the ball for as long as he's had people listening to him. And when you're Al Sharpton's daughter and ex-wife, at a police precinct for screaming at a cop, the absolute smartest thing you can do is throw down Dad's name.

This is about a step short of me getting booked while reading the Fuckin' Cops tag. Smooth.