Once when searching for the stuff of films, we looked towards epic military confrontations and doomed luxury liners. But today director Danny Boyle has ushered in a new age of blockbuster films about the most agonizingly boring stories imaginable.

For his follow up to Slumdog Millionaire, Boyle announced today, he will make 127 Hours, the story of a hiker who spent five days trapped under a boulder until he amputated his own arm to escape. That pitch may not be the sort of thing people generally think of when looking for thrilling real life stories to brought to life on the big screen, but if Hollywood is now open to the great moments of tedium or mundanity of human experience, we thought we'd take a look around and find what other gems are sitting out there today, just ready for their close ups.

TSARFACE: When a new President appoints special advisers to co-ordinate different departments of the federal government, one brave Senator says enough is enough and dares to introduce an amendment that would give Congress oversight over the villainous practice.

DUDE, I DO THIS EVERY NIGHT: One man drives drunk for years without incident, until at last, he is pulled over.

HANDS DOWN: In a time of influenza, a former public health commissioner dares to speak the truth about people who dont cover their mouths when they sneeze.

BLOGAGGEDON!: A showbiz blogger calls other showbiz's bloggers' Oscar predictions a bunch of hooey. Recriminations ensue, at other blogs and in the comments section.

SEXJACKED: Seeking only to provide for his family, an Australian cabbie finds his quiet evening is turned into a nightmare when a couple makes him get out of hs taxi so they can have sex in it.

And this is all just one day's news! As art has taught us through the ages, real life truly is the stuff of great art, when properly packaged.