The Post reported that a mysterious Malaysian man spent $160k in nightclub Avenue in one night and, among other ridiculous debauchery, flew Megan Fox to Vegas for his birthday. He's not the first super-rich guy to have such an idea.

The report said that no-one knows how Taek Jho Low, a 20-something Wharton grad, has so much money. Reliable sources say that despite his cuddly appearance, he is actually quite a dangerous character. More when I get it/do not fear death. As well as racking up $160k in one night at Avenue, he bought Lindsay Lohan 23 bottles of Cristal on her birthday, and regularly drops $50k in Pink Elephant - after one party he flew eight waitresses back to Malaysia with him. He also rolls with an entourage of 12 and pays about $150k a month in rent in Diddy's old building, the Park Imperial on 56th Street (where his fleet of Escalades annoys the neighbors.)

As well as spending 2006-levels of money on an average Tuesday, he joined the ranks of the hyper-rich who (allegedly) pay to get up close and personal with women they see on the TV when he flew Fox out to his party. Ron Burkle was accused, in a book earlier this year, of paying to watch Paris Hilton get some girl-on-girl action. And British model/magazine cover regular Sophie Anderton admitted recently that she'd been a high-end hooker, selling her services for about $25,000.

There is, of course, no evidence that Fox did anything but discuss the weather with Low.