For the second time this decade, the New York Observer's cobbled together the TOP SECRET masthead of The New Yorker. It sure has a lot of people working for it! A numerical summary, below.

The NYO's full masthead listing, with every name and title, is here. An awesome piece of work. Keep in mind that Si Newhouse, keeper of a crumbling empire, is still so in love with The New Yorker he wants to marry it and will cut every other magazine to pieces before he makes David Remnick fire anyone.

Total Number of "Critics": 11
Total Number of Staff Writers: 66(!)
Total Number of "Editors" of One Sort or Another: 31
Total Copy Staff, Fact Checkers, and Editorial Assistants: 40
Total Art, Photo, Layout, and Cartoon Staffers: 43
Total Number of Staffers with "Makeup" in Their Titles: 6

That does not even cover all the miscellaneous positions! It makes the New York Times Book Review look positively anorexic. Ah well. The best magazine in America can hire whoever it wants, *HINT*.

[John Koblin's full NYer masthead]