If a Googler can pose in Vogue and Glamour, and if Justin Timberlake's playing a Facebook exec, surely London tech geeks can strip off their clothes for a sexy calendar. It'll sell furiously. Or at least, uh, get tweeted furiously.

Milo Yiannopoulos hopes it's the former; the tech writer and Cambridge University student is coordinating the Nude London Tech Calendar 2010 project to raise money for Take Heart India, a charity that raises money to help bring information technology to blind and disabled students. There's been some chatter that the female participants might be undermining their careers, but they are balanced out by plenty of male participants — mostly startup founders, like the women — and follow in the footsteps of other British women who posed naked for leukemia research

Yiannopoulos said the calendar will go on sale in the next day or two, with a launch party slated for Monday. No word yet on the dress code, but you should probably leave your jokes about "USB dongles" and "back-end systems" at home. Or at least keep them in your pocket until after the second drink.

(Video via Vimeo)