The New York liberal media elite has been nice so far, laughing with him rather than at him. Today, they seem to have tired of their plaything.

Johnston's first mistake was personally snubbing Richard Johnson at the Fleshbot awards on Wednesday at the Box. Today's Page Six item has a distinct whiff of revenge about it. The Post reports that Johnston and Tank Jones tried to get nightclub M2 to pay them $3000 to show up that night. When that didn't work they asked for $1800. And were finally offered a round of soft drinks.

The Daily News has a very sarcastic tone today too. A Gatecrasher piece takes a line Johnston told them at the Box - that he'd like to see the memoir he's working on made into a movie - and responds thusly:

Johnston, it seems, is undeterred by the fact that he has yet to finish writing the tell-all tome, decide on a title or even find a publisher.

The rest of the item is no less passive-aggresive. At least he can always go back to the Palin household, according to Sarah in this clip from her interview with Oprah:

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