A tipster, who works on Rodeo Drive, says Teodoro Nguema Obiang, the Ferrari-driving big spender who plunders Equatorial Guinea's oil wealth is dating a family member and just dropped $70,000 in one store on clothes for her.

The insider, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of ending up in the infamous Black Beach prison in Equatorial Guinea, said Obiang regularly spends up to $200,000 in a day on frequent LA shopping sprees - his $35m estate, pictured above, is in Malibu. "Everyone knows Nguema because he is one of the biggest customers on the street," she explained.

The identity of his girlfriend/cousin was revealed to a store assistant, with whom they're "regulars", when the two were buying $70,000 in Italian designer clothes and shared a fitting room. What will his ex, the rapper Eve, think?


A source tells Ken Silverstein, at Harper's, that senior congressional staff are going after Obiang's visa. Calls are even going as far as "the seventh floor [where Secretary Hillary Clinton has her office]."