Loving a nerd is one thing, but who could stand a guy constantly plugged into an online universe? Is it worse than a wife who gets frisky in a hot tub or a singer pimped out by a rap star?

1. "This married/aging actress has put up with a lot throughout her celebrity marriage. She's practically raised the kids on her own, dealt with scandals and cheating and still managed to put on a happy face on the red carpet. Within this next year, she plans to finally leave her husband and make the divorce public. The current final straw? Not other women or drugs, but an addiction to World of Warcraft. We kid you not. Not Catherine Zeta Jones" [BuzzFoto]

2. "There is an actor on a television series who seems like he would be an interesting character to live with. That might not be the case for his wife, however. A couple of weeks ago, our actor came home from work a lot earlier than usual and found his wife in the hot tub with a neighbor of theirs. The neighbor, who is also an actor, is best known for his role on a classic TV show. The wife and neighbor, who were sitting on the same side of the hot tub and were somewhat intertwined when the actor emerged from the house, both jumped up, obviously startled. The neighbor explained that they were in the hot tub together because he had pulled his hamstring muscle playing tennis earlier that day, and the actor's wife had been kind enough to let him use the hot tub, to show him some stretching exercises, and to share a glass of wine with him. While we don't know if there is a generally accepted seating plan when it comes to neighbors and hot tubs, we think that this particular arrangement sounds mighty suspicious." [Blind Gossip]

3. "This former B list tween female singer and now a messed up D has made some very bad decisions over the past year or so but none compare to the one she made at a party in the past few nights. Since breaking up with her D list reality boyfriend she has been on the lookout for someone who can help with her career and put her back in the spotlight. Well, she found a B list rap star and he has been helping her out and paying for expenses, providing her drugs and has promised to help her with her new record. Everything was going fine until the party the other night when he threatened to take it all away unless she orally serviced a few of his friends at the party. She did. Stay tuned because she is going to a bigger party this week." [CDaN]